Artwork Commission: Speyburn Whisky Winter Print

" On the last night of the year, Speyburn founder John Hopkins and his team battled through a storm of Arctic proportions to craft a whisky in time to toast the Queen’s Jubilee. After hours of hard work, they finally triumphed and were rewarded with the first barrel of Speyburn Whisky in 1897. "

Over 120 years later, inspired by this very story, I was asked to create this bespoke winter print for Speyburn Whisky:

I had a blast working on this winter campaign project inspired by Speyburn's history. Production of this whisky began on the 1st of November in 1897 and through the storm of arctic proportions the first spirit was put into cask to mark the Queen's Jubilee in December. Speyburn offered this limited edition print to 25 people.

I must admit it was a challenging task because I’ve never worked on layering as much as before. For example, when I drew the icicles, I had to color in the stonework first, then add some white ink and then I used a needle to scrape some of the white ink off, so some parts of it could look translucent. It’s all in the detail... I’m obsessed with detail!